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A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens: Talking to Your Kids About Sexting, Drinking, Drugs, and Other Things That Freak You Out

The quitter. The narcissist. The clone. The smartphone addict, eyes fixed on the tiny screen, doing…what?

There’s a strange new creature living under your roof. Your job now is to figure out what makes teenagers tick, and to steer them to productive paths—away from the lures and dangers of drinking, drugging, sexting, bullying, and other bad decisions.

A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens makes it easier than ever before. Cutting through the teen drama and parental confusion, the book delivers fast answers and targeted solutions to 80 behaviors that drive parents nuts. Just locate the annoying or alarming problem you’re dealing with, and you’ll find a brief but insightful analysis of what your teen is really thinking and feeling, along with smart, effective advice on what exactly you should say and do. By acting quickly, calmly, and knowledgeably, you can halt your teen’s spiral, open up the lines of communication, and get them back into a positive, responsible, and respectful place.

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I Get It: Three Magic Words For Parents Of Teens

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"Adolescent Psychology - The Parent Version"
  • Identify your teen's "lightening rod, imaginary audience, and personal fables."

  • Learn how to teen-proof your home.

  • Learn how to teen-proof your relationship.

  • Learn how to set appropriate limits so your teen will want to follow them.

  • Develop effective tools for identifying and dealing with your teen's experimentation with sex, drugs, and alcohol.

  • Separate high expectations from unrealistic expectations and their respective consequences for your teen's emotional well-being
In this seminar, Joani reviews the many physical, cognitive, and emotional/social changes that occur in adolescence. Adolescent brains are changing and this drives their behaviors. Teens have all these new ideas, thoughts, curiosity, and feelings happening at once and they don't have the emotional experience to handle the overload. I would like to help my audience understand that there is a context in which troublesome behavior occurs, it's not about bad kids or kids who are mean to their parents. It's about developmental changes that are out of control because teen's brains and bodies, their ability to understand, to conceptualize, to analyze, and to be introspective, are all brand new.

Remember sitting in front of your new computer with all its new bells and whistles. You are excited about the potential of what you can do it, but overwhelmed with all its options. Welcome to Teen life!" Joani's special brand of "infotainment" using humor, storytelling, and sending home parents with a "goody bag" of helpful techniques make this a must-come evening.


    10/23 - Bird Middle School Walpole - 7:00 PM
    Adolescent Psychology The Parent Versioon

    10/28 - Chaplin Middle School Weymouth - 7 PM
    Adolescent Psychology The Parent Version

    10/29 - Memorial Middle School Hull - 7:00
    Bully proofing Your Teen

    11/5 - Sharon High School - 7:00 PM
    Adolescent Psychology The Parent Version

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